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Rod Reyes

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belt

Rod's martial arts interest started with high school wrestling.  After his military service, in 1998 he earned a black belt in Jang Mu Won Hapkido under it's founder, Grandmaster Chong Sung Kim.  He has practiced BJJ since 1995, earning his black belt from Roger Machado in 2009.

Patrick Beck

Crossfit Trainer

Brandon Far

Crossfit Trainer

Dr. Ernie Tom, Pharm. d.

Crossfit trainer

brazilian jiu jitsu black belt

Ernie has well over a quarter century of experience in grappling and martial arts.  He practiced Kung Fu for a decade, and his experience as a wrestler led him to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  His first BJJ instructor was Rickson Gracie, who promoted him to blue belt after one month of training.  Ernie continued his training with the world-famous Machado brothers, with Roger Machado as his primary instructor.  In 2007, Professor Machado promoted Ernie to black belt, the first from the RCJ Machado Academy in Pasadena.  

Ernie earned a Doctorate in Pharmacy from USC in 1999, demonstrating a deep mastery of the metabolic functioning of the cell-the fundamental unit of biological activity.  Fitness starts at the cellular level.  His abiding interest in optimal health and fitness is matched by his dedication to teaching CF and BJJ that positively affect the lifestyles of his students.

Jack Holiday, M.Sc.

Crossfit trainer Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt

Jack holds a Master of Science degree in psychology, the study of human behavior, which is the study of motivation.  He has tens of thousands of hours of experience as an educator, emphasis on instruction in health and fitness.  He is the first black belt under Ernie Tom.  He won double gold as a blue belt in the 2008 Mundials, the World Jiu Jitsu Championship.   


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